Modernism, baby!


And stretch then relax. Grapevine…

Modernism divides more than it should. Ask one person and they say, ‘Fucking awful. Looks like a giant toilet.’ Another will bang on about its clean lines, its refreshing lack of detail, the smoothness of its concrete, the glitter of its Bizazza-like tiles, the lack of pretension, the geometry of its form. Guess which camp I fall into?

In any case, it’s curious how opinion is so fractured when, in fact, all modernism was trying to do was unite, embrace and level the playing field. The ultimate socialist architecture, it told us we are all equal, that class is a thing of the past. In fact, it shunned the past. Perhaps, this is why we don’t like it. We are nostalgia freaks by trade.

Anyway, not to harp on about it, but look at this type:


Has anyone stayed here? What does it look like inside?

Doesn’t it rock? I mean, I would hate to have used it in any design five years ago but look at it now. Its time has come. Its moment is now. (And don’t you just love the gold trimming below?)


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