Rootin’ and Tootin’

Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV: politely driving London’s social fabric

I hear the same every day. A taxi slams on the brakes. A cyclist rolls up beside a car and taps on the window. A pedestrian at a crossing waves his arms hysterically at the passing traffic. You can almost predict the words. You almost always know that someone is going to say ‘Fuck’ because this is the word that describes almost every situation these days. When all else fails, just chuck a fuck in there because it means everything and nothing.

It’s the same in Grand Theft Auto V (ie GTAV – where have you guys been?). You get in your car. You run over the nearest pedestrian. And they have the audacity to swear and curse at you. I mean, really!

But. There’s a big but. OK, I get (actually love) GTAV and its superb use of irony. I have played every game since GTA2 and have always been blown away by how on the money it is when it comes to critique. When I popped out the game from its Amazon box, loaded it up, and started playing, I was impressed by its graphics, its superb gameplay, and the general non-PCness of it all. It’s definitely a game for the boys. The confrontational use of language still surprises me, at ease with every swear word in existence (probably in every language too). It’s just that when I walk out of my office door and I hear the taxi drivers, cyclists and pedestrians using the same colourful language I wonder if the irony of the game suffers. Is it now just a portrayal of real life?


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