Do you know where this is?


Do you care? We have chosen the path of least resistance. Every morning we blindly walk into shops similar to this one and hand over our money, go to our offices, eat our food, drink our coffee, never savouring the taste, sometimes thinking that the coffee is bad this morning, gosh it would be good if someone made it with an ounce of care. But we drink it anyway. We drink it – and we go back for the same tomorrow. It’s like an abusive relationship (ok, it’s not like an abusive relationship but what I am trying to say is that we go back for more whether we like it or not).

Slowly – steathily – shops like this are taking over every crevice of London. And we make it happen. We go back for more. We eat our shit sandwiches. We drink our shit coffee. We say to ourselves, This is a bit crap. In the morning we’re back again with hope in our eyes, faith in our hearts. It’s the promise of something good. We want for the best. In some ways, our goodnaturedness misleads us because what it should be doing is forcing our feet onward down some darker, less travelled road. But we can’t stop ourselves. We can’t help but fall into the welcoming arms of security.


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