I am invincible


Down at Del Perro, I watch the sun slowly sink below the horizon. It is, in fact, the end of another beautiful day, a day lasting only ninety minutes. Time moves fast in Los Santos. Fast cars. Faster women. And an unnerving amount of crime keeping me on my toes. Still, I can relax. The sun sets and almost two minutes later it is night.

When I finally exit the world of Los Santos and decide to do real things like go to the gym, pick up my dry cleaning and eat a quick meal, everything has taken on a hyper-real edge. Sure that car is made of steel but so what if it hits me. I survived before I can survive again. Just a few grazes that’s all. I’m short of cash. I’ll go raid that ATM or, better still, just snatch that lady’s purse in front of me. I’ll cop some abuse. I’ll give her some back. Better still, I’ll drive the 38 to Holborn.

Taking time to adjust to reality, I miss that surreal sunset and pine to be in Del Perro again, the most dangerous beachfront in the world.


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