Puppet challenge no 1: “No chain, no hunger pain.”


I make no secret of my dislike of Pret. I never want to spend a single penny in one of their stores again. Once, they offered a service, a place to buy lunch. Now they own lunch. No high street, junction or boutique village is complete without one. I don’t like it.

So the challenge is here, a challenge I have set myself so I don’t sound like an A-Grade hypocrite. This week for lunch, my task is to avoid all chains. Simple, you say. Well, I work on Oxford Street, which literally floats in a sea of brands outpricing the competition to the point where a Boots appears every one hundred metres. My saving grace? – Boots no 7 is always within reach.

By the way, this isn’t a food blog though I do spend an inordinate amount of time talking about food. This might have something to do with the fact that I am a man. Or the fact that I have hollow legs. Or, more likely, I am driven by basic needs. I never said I was particularly sophisticated.

Today, at lunch, as part of the first day of my challenge, I went here:


Where? Banh Mi Bay

When? 12.45, Monday. Eager lunchers, mostly male of hollowed leg.

What? Vietnamese food presented in nice little white boxes.


Innocent brown bag emphasising homemade product inside


Note can of coke. I couldn’t resist.


Summer rolls. It’s true, they’re little August holidays rolled into one.

Fit for a puppet? Yes. The satay was healthy though a little bland in taste. Summer rolls were more pleasant and wolfed down.

Chain-free success? Well, almost. Banh Mi Bay have a restaurant in Holborn. Though this one is a cafe – right?


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