Challenge day 2: Down Charlotte Street way


Day 2 of my challenge takes me towards Charlotte Street once more. Basically, No 26 looks like everything I desire. With not a scrap of advertising in sight, my eyes are immediately drawn to the diet Coke in the icebox (see how my mind works?). Still, it’s in a bottle with a cap the women behind the counter has to take off for me.

No 26, as if you hadn't guessed.

No 26, as if you hadn’t guessed.


See? No fluorescent lights! And natural wood fibres. And chalk. And a cake with pink icing on top… It all feels too good and, after tasting one of their baguettes, it is.

So, I start chatting to said woman and she tells me there’s a couple of other cafes owned by the same team behind No 26. I forgive them. They’re not selling out. They have a barista with a beany on for Chrissakes!

Where? No 26

When? 13.15, Tuesday. A lone straggler sits out the front eating his sarnies.

What? Artisan baguettes.

Fit for a puppet? Very much so. Nothing better than an artisan baguette that is indeed artisan.

Chain-free success? At least their sister cafes have the decency to change their name per location.


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