Challenge day 3: Make mine, purlease


I was really spurred on by yesterday’s luncheon. At No 26, the woman behind the counter seemed genuinely honoured when I told her of my challenge to eat at a non-chain everyday this week. I was honoured that she was honoured. An honourable glow permeated from me all day.

Today, however, I was killing for a chain. I had about 2.5 seconds to get lunch and nothing does it faster than a plastic box in a fridge. But no, I resisted temptation and found myself at Make Mine in Soho. Part sandwich shop, part caterer, I ordered in a flurry, mostly as the place was packed.

Make Mine sign

Just a sign today

Real people make food

Real people make food

Where? Make Mine

When? 12.40, Wednesday – a mad dash of a day!

What? Ciabattas, baps, rolls stuffed with everything you love and loathe

Fit for a puppet? To be honest, I was hankering for something flash-fried in oil so quality wasn’t paramount for me today. Still, it was good. I might go back.

Chain-free success? On their website, there appears to be another on Regent Street. BUT, this might be their catering arm.


Chicken escalope ciabatta. Simple but effective


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