Challenge day 4: Scouring the streets of Soho


The thing about this challenge is that you find yourself getting a bit of exercise thrown in. Take today. I searched. I went into a cool cafe and found an idle lone croissant on the counter. In the Vietnamese round the corner, the fluoro type meant I wasn’t sure if it was a chain or not. Then, finally, this place:


Bar San Valentino, somewhere in Soho

Bar San Valentino probably hasn’t been truly Italian for a while. More greasy spoon than trattoria, I was desperate for fast service. And so I ordered the industry standard, a chicken escalope bap.


Beautiful Georgian window. I love a Georgian window.


Traditional (as in British) counter food.


And a thrillingly gaudy bag to boot!

Where? Bar San Valentino, Soho

When? 13.40! – what time do you call this eh? Thursday.

What? Ciabattas, baps, rolls…

Fit for a puppet? Sorry guys, I didn’t really enjoy my bap. There’s a very good reason too. When I got back to my office, I got caught up in a meeting, and by the time I returned to my desk, my sandwich was cold and soggy.

Chain-free success? Yes – oh yes!


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