Soho square, that odd little patch of turf

The gingerbread house in the middle

The gingerbread house in the middle

Soho square definitely has an identity crisis. Which other square in London owns a gingerbread house within its fences, and is surrounded by banana trees, eucalyptus, a statue of a man falling off his horse, ping-pong tables and a lawn that constantly needs re-lawning. Sometimes it’s fairytale, other times Bahamas, and yet other times again it’s a bypass from one side of West London to the other. I guess that’s what makes it great.


An elephant’s foot


Not a fan.

Not a fan.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of any of the bronzes that litter its small space though they do add a sense of chaos to the calm. And when the sun does shine it is London’s favoured melanoma spot. Now that the weather is becoming cooler (as of this morning!) Soho square will close up shop again, a place of quiet contemplation where tourists take snaps of the old stone statue whose face is slowly disappearing into the weathered world of history.


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