The power of colour and movement

A purposefully chaotic display

A purposefully chaotic display

As an art director, I would be doing myself a disservice if I said graphic design is just fluff on the sofa of life. Sometimes – very often in fact – it is the sofa.

Take this example, a lunch spot near Charlotte Street specialising in street food from (mostly) south-east Asia. On a rainy day, it attracts my eye because it looks like everyone is eating within. That’s not because everyone is. The signs! The colour! The bombastic attention-grabbing fluoro! Be gone wet London and hello hot, humid Hanoi.

Excitement is maintained in the form of a bevy of design devices. It’s not high art, more clever marketing. Food aside, there’s great detail in the form of the brightly coloured menu and comment card. The finishing touch is the matching blue and yellow boiled sweet resting upon my receipt.

The comment form

The comment form in bright blue and yellow, just like the fluorescent signs above


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