Say goodbye to the London you love…

Ewan McGregor poking out from behind a door

Ewan McGregor poking out from behind a door

Celebrate its architecture. Wander down its decrepit streets and breathe in that wonderful sense of otherness. Stare wistfully at ancient, gnarled Plane trees and exclaim, Gosh London’s great! – isn’t it wonderful how all this exists within our great, great city?

Yet a disease is spreading. And we can stop it because it comes down to us. We can say no. Turn our backs. Walk away. Action is louder than words after all. Leave that Boots chemist. Give the finger to that Pret sandwich and an ole heave-ho to Starbucks coffee. And Primark? – let them know that they have just sold their last onesie.

Peeking out from behind closed doors is the force of creativity. Art – more specifically graffiti – is our last refuge. Vandalism is expression and expression is  salvation. Stop the banality of our streets and get out there and express.

The Queen with long lost pal Angelina Jolie

The Queen with long-lost pal Angelina Jolie


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