Things we can learn from our American cousins

Stone creatures watch over Central Park

Stone creatures watch over Central Park

1. We should learn to talk more. The streets are better with inane conversation.

2. At the age of sixty, all of us should have plastic surgery. But perhaps not too much…

3. Every hotel bar needs a pianist plucking away into the wee hours.

4. Perhaps we shouldn’t take television too seriously.

5. You can really milk a storm that happened a year ago though I’m still waiting for the movie…

6. Every corner is a canvas. At the end of an avenue are the dreams you wished for.

High and beautiful

High and beautiful

7. Tall is good. It isn’t a crime to go up. A city is an evolving story that keeps being rewritten.

8. You can buy good underpants for under ten bucks.

9. You can eat and trust the food at a non-chain restaurant. In fact, what is a chain restaurant?

10. And one for New York? Peace is something to cherish just once in a while.

Who says I don't get around?

Who says I don’t get around?



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