Why Tom Baker matters

That awe-inspiring moment when Tom Baker returns (Image: BBC)

That awe-inspiring moment when Tom Baker returns (Image: BBC)

When – and possibly where – I grew up, Doctor Who was seriously uncool. An unmentionable passion, one for the inside voice rather than the outside one, only my best friend and I could speak the common language and sometimes even then it was in code.

After watching Day of the Doctor last night, along with about 50billion others, it still feels weird being able to talk about it in public. Of course, expectations were a little too high and it really didn’t quite deliver except in the last five minutes. And what a wonderful last five minutes.

Tom Baker really stole the show didn’t he? Five minutes, and all the excessive CGI, garbled scripting and self reverential gobbledygook was forgiven because suddenly here was the Doctor – for me and possibly many others of my age, the Doctor – older, perhaps wiser, but him nonetheless. The entire episode teased us with the character Osgood and that scarf wrapped around her neck, as if tying our minds to the past. Suddenly, when all is done, the camera stops darting around like a manic rabbit high on carrots, and a mysterious figure appears and it’s him. But really all he needed to do was open his mouth because with that voice we’re back in business.

It was misty eyed stuff. Because what it also reveals is that age is cruel and even Timelords succumb to the passage of time. As we do. Childhood is another country. Its great when someone like Tom Baker makes the evening flight.


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  1. annecoupe · · Reply

    Dear old Tom Baker. He was the best Dr Who. It was such a treat to see him at the end, a much older man but the voice brings back so many wonderful memories. Nostalgia at its best!

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