Store Street gives Pret the finger

A new dawn? Store Street in Bloomsbury

A new dawn? Store Street in Bloomsbury

A rebellious nature is integral to all Londoners – or so I’m told. Soaking up alternative culture as if we invented the word, is it any wonder we’re so ashamed of our bland high streets? Pret one moment, Boots the next, it’s like a roll-out of top 20 hits or, worse still, listening to Smooth FM for eternity. Switch that damn radio off or you’ll get no dinner!

Along comes a street that can make you turn that dial. Store Street, hovering precariously close to the studentland of University of London, offers track after track of listening pleasure. I was almost falling over myself with joy.


A great little cafe that offers coffee served how it should

Sitting down in the window of Store Street Espresso, there was the electric thrum of intellectualism, either from the mouths of human beings or tapped-out happily on a small army of PowerBooks. Further down the street, a bike shop proudly displaying one of its wares as if it were a priceless piece of art. Maybe it was…


Please can I have that bike in the window, Daddy?

It felt so fresh and exciting – this array of goodness stretching out before me. A bookshop one moment, a deli the next, what more could any self-respecting Zone 2er need than a quick hop down Store Street to sate his or her appetite?


Imagine this. A London without chains. I have a vision for the future and the future starts now with these simple words: Fuck You Pret!


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