Someone please tell me what ‘world class’ means?


A world class production. London’s restaurants are world class. A world class arena in a world class Olympic village. An infrastructure project that will put the capital in the world class league.

Who else hears these words and wonder what the hell they mean? A world class restaurant indeed! Fancy me sitting down at one of its world class tables supping on food only the elite of this planet eat …

World Class

In the end, it just sounds so parochial, like a small town boy puffing up his chest. And anyway, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, I don’t want to belong to any world class club that will accept me as a member.




  1. I pretty much think you nailed it. I guess the term “world class” is a relative notion and is going to mean different things to different people. But, as you said its just a boy puffing up his chest. I mean really how many ways can you make potatoes and sell them for twenty dollars more than you would find them in a little diner somewhere.

    1. Absolutely! It’s an insecurity of sorts. If we can make something sound truly spectacular then it must be OK, mustn’t it?

      1. Well of course how else do you think they sell all of those completely pointless products to the masses. Ha!

      2. We’re a gullible lot. One question: what is the next stage? Universal? Galaxial? Supernoval?

      3. Anything that humans can conquer they will! Right? It doesn’t mean they will do a good job at it but, they will defiantly try!

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