When friends come to stay

Somewhere in Covent Garden

Somewhere in Covent Garden

In our hyper-connected world, isn’t it great that we still enjoy the simple pleasure of friends staying? Sure Skype is wonderful, Facebook a joy, Twitter a blast of quick-fire ‘I’m still here’ – yet the real thing is just so much better and a real leveller, too. Despite all this amazing technology, human interaction, whether it be talking, taking tea or cooking up a storm, remains key to our survival.

When our friends leave to go back to their own worlds, it can also remind us of the great distances we have travelled. Fear not, these friends are closer than you think! A stray strand of brilliant red hair lying on the kitchen table or the deep imprint of lipstick on a tumbler… why they have never left.

Truthfully, we never really disappear from other people’s lives until the next sweep of the vacuum cleaner. Even then, the scraps of our time remain. No need for photographs. Don’t even pick up the phone. Just breathe in your friends because they are always with you.


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