Puppetman celebrates a milestone


With such inauspicious beginnings, who would’ve thought Puppetman would come so far? Hewn from a gnarly old sleeper, the butt of schoolgirl jokes – “Hey Puppetman – you got wood?” – he would never quite let go of the cruel jibes from older peers. Knobbly knees. The burden of his life.

Forced into seclusion, Puppetman entered what was to become known as his ‘blue’ phase, years of rummaging through the shelves of dusty old libraries if only to keep him away from the dreaded sports field. It was here where he developed his love of the written word, mostly and probably because he had nothing better to do.

A slight vengeful turn set him off on life’s next big challenge: How to become a successful male puppet on the catwalks of the world. It was then that his burden would come back to haunt him. Laughed off the world stage and gone into hiding, he found solace in the cheap boarding houses of London, forever exchanged from one puppet master to another, until finally he found respite in this blog.

Today, Puppetman celebrates his 50th blog post. He would like to extend his gratitude (or at least a wooden hand) to his readers, who have often wondered how a single piece of wood with a brain the size of a pea could have so much to say.

Then, he really need not look any further…

One Direction in a bottle. Apparently.

One Direction in a bottle. Apparently.


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