Monthly Archives: January 2014

Fifty Shards: Day Five

Day Five: January 28, 2014. 8.15. A morning made for romance. Temperature: Crisper. They (i.e. Iphone) says snow on the way. Greyscale: At the top end of the scale. Silhouette grey perhaps? In E L James’s words (a story planning moment): OK. I need a scene that represents love. True love. To contrast my oh-so-wicked scenes of sexual debauchery. […]

Australia Day Message: I’m Australian and I’m here to steal your job

And not only have I stolen your job, I have pillaged your village and fraternised with your folk. Hundreds and thousands of similar Australians have done the same, like a horde of insects leaving a wake of destruction, our sole purpose to steal as much as we can when we can. And yet, no one […]

Fifty Shards: Day Four

Day Four: January 22, 2014. 8.30. Half of it missing. Temperature: Warmer this morning. Almost pleasant. But grey. Greyscale: What shade of grey? No idea. What is a shade anyway. Oh I know, it’s the same measurement they use in toothpaste advertising. “Your teeth will be three shades whiter.” WTF?? In E L James’s words: From the heady heights […]

Fifty Shards: Day Three

Day Three: January 21, 2014. Around 8am. Temperature: About 3c, foggy. Not foggy foggy but foggy enough. No sign of the Shard today. It was behind the veil getting ready for its close-up. Greyscale: A grey only a dull ole London day could be proud of. In E L James’s words: Soggy as a wet blanket. Eurghhhh!

Exmouth Market: Anatomy of a modern high street

It says a lot about a high street when the Tattoo Parlour expands into the shop next door. The Ink business must be good round these parts. It has them queuing round the block for tramps stamps and tribal bands. Of course, once you have your girl’s name emblazoned on your back, you can always […]

Fifty Shards: Day Two

Day Two: January 13, 2014 Temperature: About 7c, blue skies turning to rain in the afternoon. Greyscale: Another day of aura-like saintliness. In E L James’s words: He looked longingly. She looked longingly. It was all very longingly.

Fifty Shards of Grey

Over the course of 2014, I will be interrupting my usual London rants by presenting to you the pleasing hues of the capital’s most famous piece of glass, The Shard. Take it as my next Puppet Challenge. Once a week (or thereabouts), be overcome as The Shard puts on a spectacular hue change. Be it bright […]