Fifty Shards of Grey

The Shard: Day 1, around 8.30

The Shard: Day 1, around 8.30

Over the course of 2014, I will be interrupting my usual London rants by presenting to you the pleasing hues of the capital’s most famous piece of glass, The Shard. Take it as my next Puppet Challenge.

PuppetChallengeOnce a week (or thereabouts), be overcome as The Shard puts on a spectacular hue change. Be it bright and reflective in the morning sun or, in all too many cases, hidden behind a veil of cloud, each entry will prove to you how much the Shard is a product of light. And the challenge for me is to get up in the morning to photograph this spectacle, hopefully at the same time for each entry. At no. 50, I will present to you a collage, a painting if you like, of the Fifty Shards of Grey.

Day One: January 10, 2014

Temperature: About 5c (no polar vortex here!)

Greyscale: A bright, luminescent morn and the Shard looks firm, masculine.

In E L James’s words: A potent erection


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