Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ramsay Street, the Italian Connection

Haberfield in Sydney is just one of a string of Italian suburbs that dot the inner west. When your family has married into first and second generation immigrants from that Latin realm, you get to know these areas quite well. There’s always one big family get-together on the horizon! Ramsay Street in Sydney, as opposed […]

Shop Sharons, the birds of the Melbourne rainforest

Cuteybum and I were wondering through David Jones, suddenly confronted by those old dears you get behind the till. Starved of conversation, they like nothing more than a good natter, a few prying questions, and displaying a little bit of motherly love. Honestly, I felt like I was their son. Then, in another department store, […]

Melbourne, the city that dare not speak its name

Chloe, a portrait hanging in a prominent pub in Melbourne’s city centre, shocked the city when it was bought from the Paris Salon in the late nineteenth century. It’s a bold nude. As we stare at it, we kind of realise she’s completely shaven and appears to be missing a vital sexual organ – or […]

If Honkers is bonkers, Kowloon’s a loon

You want architecture? We’ve got it. Lots of it. The more the better. Across the bay is the immodest city of Kowloon, part of the city of Hong Kong. It’s on the mainland so the people from the island are a bit sniffy about it but, really, if you want the true warts and all […]

Live from Hong Kong, Puppetman goes East

Have you ever arrived in a city shrouded in fog? At night? In Asia? I couldn’t have picked a better spot. Hong Kong is a city made for eerie light, neon ablaze down narrow streets and the splatter of wet underfoot. Hong Kong is Blade Runner after all. Tis sci-fi down to its heart. You […]

A sad day for acting, plus a Shard

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies. Sad news indeed though not half as sad as all those celebrities dying to get their tweets broadcasted as soon as humanly possible. Oh I can feel the sympathy. The blood’s still warm for Chrissakes! Onto other things… Day Six: February 3, 2014. 8.30. A brief respite from the rainy conditions. Shard now […]

Welcome to Covent Garden Airport for all your Duty Free needs

Have you ever watched Alfred Hitchcock’s last great film (well, last great film worth watching anyway)? Frenzy is a masterpiece both of film-making and nostalgia. Watch it and see the London of a different place. That opening shot flying down the Thames over a really scruffy looking Tower Bridge, all the way to the former […]