If Honkers is bonkers, Kowloon’s a loon


You want architecture? We’ve got it. Lots of it. The more the better.

image_2 image_1 image_3

Across the bay is the immodest city of Kowloon, part of the city of Hong Kong. It’s on the mainland so the people from the island are a bit sniffy about it but, really, if you want the true warts and all China experience, you must come here. Upon getting off the ferry, it’s all glamour, darling, right down to your cute four-storey Dior store. It’s madness. Bond Street looks like dowdy EastEnders by comparison.

image_13 image_12image_11

And you thought you needed an old VCR remote? Look hard and you might find it. Now where’s my VCR.

You can sell anything at a market here. In fact, there is a market for anything. There’s also one for fabric. Buttons. Old electronics. Flashing diodes. And food, don’t forget food. Everyone has their Asian food market story. It’s like show and tell for adults. I mean, what is that black squidgy thing?

image_10 image_9 image_8 image_6

Our favourite pit stop is the Mido Cafe somewhere up the top of Temple Street. This 50s hangover is the real thing, retro to its core because it hasn’t changed. Love that ceiling wallpaper. But have you ever tried boiling Coke with lemon and ginger? Officially, it’s my new favourite drink.


The interior is so starkly moderne and the view over the small park is delightful, mostly because of the things you can’t spot from downstairs. Like this…


If you click on the picture, you’ll see what happens when the washing on the line gets attacked by a typhoon. Today, we’re off to Stanley. The weather continues to be Hong Kong’s least favoured drawcard. Yesterday it was 8c. Today, it might manage 10.


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