This London cafe will make you cry with joy…


All lined up with nowhere to go

I guarantee this cafe will bring back a few memories. OK, the coffee’s crap (instant), the tea ain’t much better, but I’ll give a million pounds you can’t get this experience anywhere else.


It lies somewhere in deepest, darkest SE11. I say ‘somewhere’ because that just about accurately pinpoints its location, a crossroads with a major mail sorting office on one corner, a Costcutters on the other, and a busy road with a bike superhighway slicing through the middle of it. Need I say more.

For once, it’s not about quality. I got a bit sniffy when I watched the cappuccino being made for the guy in front of me in the queue. A lump-full of instant followed by a quick whizz of the milk in what looked like a thick shake blender and voila! – the piece of art was complete. So, I didn’t ask for coffee since I felt it might be a bit beyond reach of this trad caff. Thinking that they couldn’t possibly get a tea wrong, I watched in horror as a silver pot was filled with boiling hot water from a tap, followed by the tipping of said pot whereupon instant brown tea flowed out of it. At 50p that put a smile on my face.

LondonCafe4 LondonCafe1

Please go. I’m sure they do the best bacon buttie this side of Manchester. Even Costa, Pret and Starbucks are scarce in this part of town so it must be good!


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