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Fifty Shards: On day 14, ominous clouds approach

Day Fourteen: April 25, 2014. 8.00am. The biggus erectus is shrouded in a cumulus nimbus. Temperature: After a spell of warmth, we return to cooler temps. Can anyone explain why we say ‘spell’? Are we ‘spellbound’? Greyscale: A gradient of grey greeted me this morning. It was like someone had dipped the Shard in milk. In E L […]

Who is this mysterious man surveying his territory otherwise known as Bloomsbury?

And why does he wear a teacup on his head? Well maybe not… On the corner of Grey’s Inn and Theobalds Road stands one of those pubs you’ve probably passed a billion times and thought, ‘That looks like a nice pub. Must go in there some time.’ And never do. The Yorkshire Grey, as it’s […]

Fifty Shards: Day 13

Day Thirteen: April 15, 2014. 8.30am. Sometimes referred to as The Darling Buds of April. Temperature: Warming up. True to say the shackles of winter are behind us. Greyscale: A definitive grey. In E L James’s words: Her youth was oft compared to the first shoots of a lush spring. Fresh – virginal even – unsullied by Autumn’s flaying […]

The Secret Diary of Sue Townsend Aged 68 and 3/4

Imagine losing the tools of your trade? Sue Townsend, blind due to diabetes, had resorted to dictating her novels though it’s certain she would’ve rather had her sight. In bringing books to life, writers do rather rely on their senses. Good writing – and good writers! – transcend time, age and the passage of both. Even if […]

Fifty Shards: Day 12. Beautiful spring day captured on film

Day Twelve: April 8, 2014. 8.15am. A surprisingly beautiful morn captured by my crappy iPhone (sorry Apple – your camera still sux). Temperature: A clear night, cool start. Cut-glass blue. Greyscale: We’re not talking about grey here. No no no! Tis as blue as an E L James’s novel. In E L James’s words: When the clouds did part, a […]

Richard Hamilton, the man who created Pop

If you stated Richard Hamilton was the creator of Pop Art, you’d be one of the few. We were surprised too. The Red-lipped One and I wandered round the exhibition where we came across a small placard detailing his rise to fame and, in particular, his use of the word Pop to describe his art. He […]

Clerkenwell by night, textures, acid light

Some areas are made for night. Secret alleyways, abandoned buildings, mysterious figures hidden behind windows… really Clerkenwell is London’s horror film set. The smell of the city is thick here. What is that odour? – you ask. Age. Great age. We have somehow forgotten the Orders that used to call this part of town home but […]