Richard Hamilton, the man who created Pop


If you stated Richard Hamilton was the creator of Pop Art, you’d be one of the few. We were surprised too. The Red-lipped One and I wandered round the exhibition where we came across a small placard detailing his rise to fame and, in particular, his use of the word Pop to describe his art. He was the first.


This is the work that most people would know of, if they know his work at all. In his earlier works, we sense his scientific curiosity that never truly disappears.

Tate6 Tate3

More recently, he depicts the horror of the war in Afghanistan. Tony Blair is presented as a cowboy, guns at the ready. His face takes on an ominous tone, possibly evil.

The most delightful moment comes as we sit on one of those flat benches you only see in galleries. Lost in our little world, art provokes conversation even if it isn’t the art we’re talking about.

Then, odd things take on artistic meaning. Layers of bird poop look beautiful in the cement.


But then art stems from the violence of nature in all its guises.


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