Who is this mysterious man surveying his territory otherwise known as Bloomsbury?

Who is this masked man?

Who is this masked man?

And why does he wear a teacup on his head? Well maybe not…

On the corner of Grey’s Inn and Theobalds Road stands one of those pubs you’ve probably passed a billion times and thought, ‘That looks like a nice pub. Must go in there some time.’ And never do.

The Yorkshire Grey, as it’s called, has an appropriate grey paint job on the lower levels, some nice silver signage, and a lofty interior. It always seems to be hosting some event or another.


It probably took me all but ten years to see the horseman. I am an observant creature but obviously not that much. He looks a bit of a cock to be honest – still, he gets a whole plinth devoted to him. So, who is this lone ranger? Shall I bow my head in shame for not knowing?


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