Foyles foils bookshop decline (plus a Shard)


Shops come and go. They either die a cruel death or move across the road a la any glamour fashion shop on Bond Street. In the last week it has been Foyles turn, a shop in the deeply unfashionable business of book selling. Foyles proves you can still sell a book in a shop.

Foyles5 Foyles3

We all know the heaviest boxes in a house move are the ones that contain the books. Thank goodness, Foyles had the good sense to move only two doors down the road. And what a space! It actually has elbow room. You could swing a cat reading an atlas. In fact, you could swing a cat reading the whole Encyclopaedia Britannica (remember that?).

I love the light. I know the classic bookshop is a mouldy, dusty affair but prepare to annul all thoughts of this when bathed in naturalness.


What’s best is the usual Foyles book-love. And I mean love. For sure it’s a big operation but you still feel that the people who work here love books. You don’t get that love at WH Smith. Mild regard maybe. But not love.

Shard Day 20

Day Twenty: June 18, 2014. 7.55am. Humid.

Temperature: A tepid morning.

Greyscale: A two-tone sky.

In E L James’s words: Two-tone? How dull.






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