A stroll in Regent’s Park (or ‘the Regent’s Park’, as it’s more formally known)

RegentsPark6 RegentsPark4

Nothing like a flower arrangement to get this fella in. And Regent’s Park, one of the Royal parks of London, does arrangements rather well. Like a suit you put on once a year, a walk down one of its main arteries provides a formal floral kick that leaves you feeling just that little bit wealthier… until you return home on the tube that is.


It’s necessary to have calved Griffins in your marble pots. They seem to keep the hefty blooms in check so they don’t get too outta hand.


And a grassy path leading off to a mathematically defined point in the distance would be well suited to a cane or even a perambulator containing a solemn baby inside. There is nothing modern about this part of Regent’s Park.

RegentsPark11 RegentsPark10

Ultimately, after your long constitutional, you would only need to cross the road to find your abode. The regency townhouses shout London more than any other type of house. They are majestic, searingly white, modelled on a Grecian idea of perfection. Pity no one can afford them.


Still, who can resist a bit of Regent’s Park, a fantasy playground where you can live out your regal hues.


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