A London shop devoted to umbrellas and sticks


Umbrellas. Now there’s a commercial opportunity. Unsurprisingly, London has a very well established shop devoted to this much maligned accessory. James Smith and Sons has been around for some time. 1830 to be exact. They sell umbrellas and that other curiosity, the stick. We’re talking walking sticks here. Once, they were all the rage. Now you wouldn’t be seen dead with one.

umbrellas_5 umbrellas_2

Having passed this shop more times than I care to remember, usually from the top floor of the 38 bus, I finally take the plunge and go inside to discover a bit of London I always wish existed. A wood panelled nineteenth century time warp devoted to the craft of keeping inclement weather in check. I like!

umbrellas umbrellas_3

And you’ve gotta love a bit of old fashion typography. Somewhere in that complication is a J and an S (two maybe?) and ampersand. It’s like a logo and a conspiracy wrapped into one.

Underneath this storefront oddity is a place that trades on originality and practicality. I ask you, where else these days can you buy an umbrella that lasts? Oh, and a stick. Don’t forget the stick.


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  1. […] the blog Puppetman, recently wrote a post about a well-known anachronistic umbrella shop in London: James Smith and Sons, in Holborn. It’s truly a place lost in time- old-fashioned canes, walking sticks, and of […]

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