Fifty Shards: Day 29 and an oppressive grey plume hangs over London


See what I mean?

Day Twenty-nine: If you examine closer, you’ll note a brown hue. Fifty Shades of Brown? Hmmm, not really.

Temperature: However, as anyone in London will tell you, it has cleared to become a sparkling day of 26c. Well at least that’s what it said in the forecast (the Yahoo one on the iPhone, you know the one that’s always 100% correct).

Greyscale: Brown grey, two colours that should never go together.

In E L James’s words: You know, I’m inspired by this brownness. I think I should devote some of my spare moments in between working out the differences between light grey and dark grey and counting all my cash, on writing a more gently paced novel about a long, languid river that is brown in colour. Yes, brown. And then just add plenty of sex. Done.



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