Why does Georgian architecture look even better in the autumn? – plus a Shard


That crisp light…

Like daffodils in spring and ice-cold chocolate milkshakes in summer, there’s nothing like a bit of Georgian architecture in the autumn. Light just hits those white-rimmed windows and sets them off, don’t you think? The quieter parts of Holborn are rife with the earlier and far stricter period, that of the 1720s.


And just to prove that it is autumn, here is a photo from this morning of streets being cleared. It’s just the beginning.


Day Thirty: They look like autumn skies and they are autumn skies.

Temperature: I’ve seen people in scarves but, really, it’s not that cold yet.

Greyscale: Bruised grey.

In E L James’s words: Bruised? I’ll give you bruised.



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