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La Oca, Sitges. Chicken. On a spit. Need I say more.

La Oca. You think it would mean The Chicken. But no. When I ask the waiter he says, “Goose – can’t you tell by the image?” I want to say, Where’s goose on the menu? But that’s about the only crazy thing regarding La Oca. Otherwise, everything is satisfyingly straightforward. I can claim one more reason why […]

Richard Hamilton, the man who created Pop

If you stated Richard Hamilton was the creator of Pop Art, you’d be one of the few. We were surprised too. The Red-lipped One and I wandered round the exhibition where we came across a small placard detailing his rise to fame and, in particular, his use of the word Pop to describe his art. He […]

Calm inside a storm

Take away the car and a space very quickly becomes real. Suddenly you have people. You have calm. And everything becomes a little more civilised. You have to wonder how the four-wheeled beast became so popular. They are destructive on so many levels, from the aural to the visual. Like many cities of a similar size, Sydney […]

Scenes from Sydney, the town that grew

An old water reservoir has been turned into a sunken park. In some ways, this is representative of Sydney, which reinvents itself every ten years or so. It’s a city of aspiration and also a lot of regret. It’s scarred by bad planning though these mistakes also maketh the city. Paddington Reservoir is like something […]

Shop Sharons, the birds of the Melbourne rainforest

Cuteybum and I were wondering through David Jones, suddenly confronted by those old dears you get behind the till. Starved of conversation, they like nothing more than a good natter, a few prying questions, and displaying a little bit of motherly love. Honestly, I felt like I was their son. Then, in another department store, […]

Things we can learn from our American cousins

1. We should learn to talk more. The streets are better with inane conversation. 2. At the age of sixty, all of us should have plastic surgery. But perhaps not too much… 3. Every hotel bar needs a pianist plucking away into the wee hours. 4. Perhaps we shouldn’t take television too seriously. 5. You […]

The secret society Owl Prowl

I cannot show you pictures of this event. Nor can I reveal its location. And if I had an infra-red camera I might just be able to give you an inkling of what I saw. So instead you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that sane people go owl spotting at night, […]