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My museum is better than your museum (plus two shards)

You may have heard of Dennis Severs’ House on Folgate Street in Spitalfields. It’s the small museum that makes a virtue of its crumbly interior, where rooms have been unrenovated and returned to their eighteenth century mood and your tour is provided by candlelight and the insidious smells of the past. It is a fascinating […]

The load of garbage that is the Affordable Art Fair

At the Affordable Art Fair down in Battersea Park, it struck me how mundane the idea of ‘affordable’ is. Even more so, how money equates to ‘good’ art. We constantly hear in the news of another record-breaking work, the squillions at auction for a Klimt, the fact that the gut-wrenching depression of Francis Bacon’s mind […]

A sad day for acting, plus a Shard

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies. Sad news indeed though not half as sad as all those celebrities dying to get their tweets broadcasted as soon as humanly possible. Oh I can feel the sympathy. The blood’s still warm for Chrissakes! Onto other things… Day Six: February 3, 2014. 8.30. A brief respite from the rainy conditions. Shard now […]

Welcome to Covent Garden Airport for all your Duty Free needs

Have you ever watched Alfred Hitchcock’s last great film (well, last great film worth watching anyway)? Frenzy is a masterpiece both of film-making and nostalgia. Watch it and see the London of a different place. That opening shot flying down the Thames over a really scruffy looking Tower Bridge, all the way to the former […]

Fifty Shards: Day Five

Day Five: January 28, 2014. 8.15. A morning made for romance. Temperature: Crisper. They (i.e. Iphone) says snow on the way. Greyscale: At the top end of the scale. Silhouette grey perhaps? In E L James’s words (a story planning moment): OK. I need a scene that represents love. True love. To contrast my oh-so-wicked scenes of sexual debauchery. […]

Australia Day Message: I’m Australian and I’m here to steal your job

And not only have I stolen your job, I have pillaged your village and fraternised with your folk. Hundreds and thousands of similar Australians have done the same, like a horde of insects leaving a wake of destruction, our sole purpose to steal as much as we can when we can. And yet, no one […]

Whatever you do, please don’t Pret

When this puppet was but a mere piece of wood, there was an ad on the tele with Yul Brynner. I clearly remember it (with a little help from our friend You Tube). All distorted video (American NTSC converted to PAL) that seemed to heighten the fact that he was dead, it had been taken from a […]