Monthly Archives: June 2014

Fifty Shards: Day 21 and TGIF

Day Twenty-one: June 27, 2014. 8.05am. Moody like a spoilt child – the sky that is, not me. No I’m never moody me. Temperature: Comfortable though moody. Greyscale: Grey and moody. In E L James’s words: Moody? Moi? Ain’t no moody biatch. No way!   Advertisements

London: On the longest day, the bestest evening

That view. That light. You couldn’t ask for more. And because the weather isn’t always great in London, you just notice it a little more. We were spellbound after an hour watching the most incredible physical theatre, a circus called Gravity at A Simple Space near the Eye. Perving on the human body has never […]

Foyles foils bookshop decline (plus a Shard)

Shops come and go. They either die a cruel death or move across the road a la any glamour fashion shop on Bond Street. In the last week it has been Foyles turn, a shop in the deeply unfashionable business of book selling. Foyles proves you can still sell a book in a shop. We all […]

Fifty Shards, Day 19: A Summer Shard.

Day Nineteen: June 13, 2014. 8.15am. London in summer. It does sound like an oxymoron particularly for visiting friends. Summer? In London? But ask any Londoner and they’ll say a good summer’s day in the capital is like nowhere else on earth. Except Rio. But maybe we shouldn’t talk about Rio. Temperature: It has been a week […]