Monthly Archives: October 2013

Things we can learn from our American cousins

1. We should learn to talk more. The streets are better with inane conversation. 2. At the age of sixty, all of us should have plastic surgery. But perhaps not too much… 3. Every hotel bar needs a pianist plucking away into the wee hours. 4. Perhaps we shouldn’t take television too seriously. 5. You […]

The secret society Owl Prowl

I cannot show you pictures of this event. Nor can I reveal its location. And if I had an infra-red camera I might just be able to give you an inkling of what I saw. So instead you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that sane people go owl spotting at night, […]

Booze, birds and intellectual pursuits

Yale is beautiful, as it should be in the land of hedge funds. As I walk down arcadian streets, a real feeling of intellectualism grabs me by the balls and – suddenly! – I have made it. I guess this is how universities should make you feel (mine never did, but that’s another story). Filled […]

Every so often…

… a puppet’s gotta do what a puppet’s gotta do. From tomorrow – or very soon thereafter – my whinings will be coming all the way from New York. Hear what I think of the current craze for cronuts. Follow me getting my little wooden legs into top speed on Manhattan’s bike hire scheme. Watch […]

Say goodbye to the London you love…

Celebrate its architecture. Wander down its decrepit streets and breathe in that wonderful sense of otherness. Stare wistfully at ancient, gnarled Plane trees and exclaim, Gosh London’s great! – isn’t it wonderful how all this exists within our great, great city? Yet a disease is spreading. And we can stop it because it comes down […]

The master and the apprentice

In advance of his latest novel Grim, Rupert Smith – hi Rupert! – is writing a fantastic list of his favourite horror films. Go read it. This morning, it is Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. It reminds me of the fact that I have only read two Stephen King books. The first, The Shining, is a […]

The power of colour and movement

As an art director, I would be doing myself a disservice if I said graphic design is just fluff on the sofa of life. Sometimes – very often in fact – it is the sofa. Take this example, a lunch spot near Charlotte Street specialising in street food from (mostly) south-east Asia. On a rainy […]