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100 days of Puppetman… plus Day 25 of Fifty Shards

I don’t know why I’m celebrating 100 entries. If it involves a glass of Chardonnay then I’m in. Or Dom Perignon. Now that’s a celebration. Day Twenty-five: Early rise due to work. Temperature: Warm, sultry and slightly uncomfortable, has anyone slept properly this week? Greyscale: Back to being proper grey. In E L James’s words: Look at me! I’ve got […]

Fifty Shards: Like a scalding shaving blade, the Shard on Day 24

Day Twenty-four: Tis a warm one, so you’ve been warned! 30c. Don’t go outside. You might faint! You might die! Temperature: In some places like India, Southern USA and Egypt – in fact, in too many places to mention here – 30c is seen as a blessed relief. Greyscale: Glistening, sharp, watery-eyed newsreader grey. In E L James’s words: Babe, […]

La Oca, Sitges. Chicken. On a spit. Need I say more.

La Oca. You think it would mean The Chicken. But no. When I ask the waiter he says, “Goose – can’t you tell by the image?” I want to say, Where’s goose on the menu? But that’s about the only crazy thing regarding La Oca. Otherwise, everything is satisfyingly straightforward. I can claim one more reason why […]

Like a fading Hollywood star, Sitges looks great in the evening light…

Sitges. Home of the free pour. Can someone – please, anyone! – remind me of this for next time? The summer retreat of Picasso, Sitges has dimensions beyond its beach and bars. An impossibly idyllic old town struts out onto a headland, a church romantically at its stern as if put there for the photographs, and a meander […]

Fifty Shards: Day 23. A bit of Clive James…

Clive James was on the box last night. Charmingly witty with his usual enthusiasm for word-play, I find it hard to believe he has leukaemia even though his face is drawn from it. Recently, he mentioned that he is too ill to travel back to his homeland, and it seems underneath the wit is a forlornness contemplating mortality. […]

Signs of life in Bloomsbury

Or perhaps the School of Life? No matter, Bloomsbury remains the undiscovered gem of London, the British Museum its gate, moat and castle wrapped into one. ‘Stop. Do not come forward. Here is Bloomsbury’s waiting room but you will require further scrutiny before travelling beyond our gates.’ Bloomsbury is a neighbourhood scarred by its proximity to […]

Fifty Shards: On Day 22, a morning as it should be

Day Twenty-two: Perhaps because it is July 1 and the beginning of a new month, we are granted the epitome of a summer morning. Clear and fresh, it makes you want to get up and go to work. Temperature: Conforming to my eulogy. Greyscale: Well, maybe this blog needs to change to Fifty Shades of Blue. In E […]